Kiev court hearing ex-premierTimoshenko case recesses until Aug 8

KIEV, August 5 (Itar-Tass) —— The Kiev Pechersky District Court hearing the case of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko recessed until August 8.

On Friday the court authorized the custody of Timoshenko.

Prosecutor Lilia Frolova insisted on the arrest of Timoshenko. She said the defendant was impeding court procedures.

“The judge said many times that it was necessary for the defendant to abide by the court procedures. She did not react to criticism but abused her rights and verbally insulted parties to the trial and the presiding judge. That is a ground for incarceration,” the prosecutor said.

The court considered a similar demand of the prosecutor on July 27 but said it was still possible to change the behavior of Timoshenko.

As soon as Presiding Judge Rodion Kireyev made the decision, two Spetsnaz units entered the courtroom to block parliament deputies seeking access to Timoshenko. The units convoyed her out of the room. Timoshenko asked for not being handcuffed and the police met her request.

A city police source said later that Timoshenko was taken to the Lukyanovskoye detention center.

Following the arrest of its leader, the Batkivshchyna party called for mass protests. “We are starting mobilization,” the party’s second in command Alexander Turchinov said.

If the protests turn massive, Ukraine may have new authorities already in September, he said. “We have plenty of sympathizers, but few are prepared to fight. We start our fight today,” he added.

About 200 supporters of Timoshenko are staying on Kreshchatik. The traffic there is slow but steady.


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