Kim Jong-Il and his retinue attend symphonic orchestra concert.

17/7 Tass 38

PYONGYANG, July 17 (Itar-Tass) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il was present at a concert of the prominent (here) Milky Way symphonic orchestra on the occasion of completion of reconstruction of the self-name theatre in the country’s capital.

The KCNA state-owned news agency reported on Sunday that the orchestra rendered the songs “Glory to our great party”, “Happiness of Korea” and other patriotic works. Kim thanked artists for the concert which, according to the North Korean leader, “reflects aspirations of Korean people who took the road of building a prosperous state”.

The orchestra’s performance is in full compliance with “rising ideological and emotional requirements of North Korean people and the army,” emphasised the North Korean head of state who was accompanied by his junior son Kim Jong-Un, occupying the post of deputy chairman of the Central Military Committee of the Korean Workers Party, other party functionaries, statesmen and military leaders.

Kim also called on other artistic companies “to emulate the symphonic orchestra, translating into life the party’s line in the art sphere”.

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