Libya to Syria With Humanitarian Care Packages by the West…

As we all know, I made it clear that I thought that what we did to Libya was and is a sick pathetic expression of war in disguise as humanitarian care. Now we have stepped from destroying Libya to banging the drums ever so rapidly and loudly over Syria. The lies are in full swing and the build up to humanitarian care (war) is on its way. With humanitarian aid like what Libya got, “Who needs enemies – When the (good guys) will kill you first!”

DAMASCUS, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) — Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al- Moallem on Monday accused the international community of turning a blind eye to the fact that armed groups are behind the violence in Syria, as the United States and its Western allies seem determined to accuse Syrian government by urging it to “halt violence immediately.”

At a press conference held in Syria’s capital of Damascus, Moallem charged that the Arabs and their Western backers refused to believe in the existence of armed groups in Syria, but instead “they accuse the Syrian army of committing crimes against the Syrians.”

Moallem also urged neighboring countries to stop the smuggling of weapons and funds through borders, as well as to stop all campaigns of media provocations by Arab TV channels. He noted that armed and terrorist groups have stepped up their crimes following the withdrawal of the Syrian army and security forces from some cities.

Syria has, from the start, accused what it called “armed terrorist groups” of carrying out attacks and crimes against civilians and army personnel with the aim of plunging the country in bloodshed.

Okay it looks like a repeat of Libya. Libya said that al qaeda was in there and yes they were. Libya said that outside forces caused all the issues and yes they did. It is simply the same thing that is happening to Syria and Russia has been calling for the West to quit the crap…

Windows to Russia!

PS: Yes I am against what we (America) are doing in Syria also…

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