Libyan tribal chiefs call for amnesty

Libyan tribal chiefs have urged a general amnesty for all fighters engaged in the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, the Aljazeera news network reported on Saturday.

The move comes as the Gaddafi regime says Libya is one sovereign state while the bid to fund rebels with frozen assets is piracy.

In a meeting that ended in Tripoli late on Friday evening, the National Conference for Libyan Tribes called for a “general amnesty law which will include all those who were involved in the crisis and took up arms”.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said that the tribal leaders at the conference represented tribes from across the country, including those from the rebel-held east.

Meanwhile, fighting continues between pro-government and rebel forces.

Government army planes on Saturday dropped bombs on four large oil-storage tanks in the besieged western city of Misurata, destroying them and sparking a fire that spread to four more.

NATO was alerted but failed to respond to the raid by small, pesticide-spraying planes in an overnight attack on Qasr Ahmed close to the port.

Misurata, the last remaining city in the west under rebel control, has been under siege for more than two months.

MOSCOW, May 7 (RIA Novosti) 

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