Lukashenko admits ‘misunderstanding’ with Kremlin

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Friday he had a misunderstanding with Russia’s leaders, but never any personal disagreements.

“I have never had personal disagreements with the Russian leadership. I do not want to comment on the subject,” he told a news conference for Russian journalists, adding that relations today were more open than ever before.

He admitted there were moments of misunderstanding, “not because Lukashenko is evil but because our policy was misunderstood,” he said.

He stressed that at present there was no more misunderstanding and that Belarus actively supports the Russian Federation, as well as the idea of integration within a single economic space.

Minsk is not to blame for the slow pace of the evolution of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, Lukashenko said.

“Don’t throw stones at Belarus – the causes should be looked for elsewhere,” he said, without offering any pointers.

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