Media must use social networks

The media must use social networks if they want to attract more readers, RIA Novosti’s internet project manager Darya Penchilova said on Wednesday.

“The target audience now goes to social networks for information, which is why the media should learn how to follow users and be within convenient reach of them everywhere, including in social networks,” Penchilova said.

She added that social networks and the media differed from each other in terms of size and major reader characteristics, and called for the media to search for ways of dealing with internet users through various internet resources.

She cited the example of Facebook, which has the most convenient media services but is so far behind similar Russian rivals because of the language.

Penchilova said the Twitter microblog service suited media needs most perfectly but it had scarce integration abilities.

“The Russian audience is slowly increasing and this resource still does not have a Russian interface,” she said.

Penchilova also said feedback with users was very important.

“Users expect a reaction to their comments and do not want them to hang there with no response,” she said.

RIA Novosti is represented in all the leading social networks and media. Last week, the number of users of the news agency’s page in the VKontakte network hit 100,000.

MOSCOW, April 20 (RIA Novosti) 


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