Medvedev calls for discussion of chemical castration for pedophiles

President Dmitry Medvedev suggested on Tuesday that Russia should consider introducing chemical castration as a punishment for criminals guilty of sexual offences against children.

“Punishments should be as harsh as possible. The state should use all means possible, and a liberal approach here is totally unacceptable,” Medvedev said at a meeting on the development of the legal system.

“I suggest discussion of measures including medical procedures for such individuals, including injections that would block the action of their hormones,” the president said.

Chemical castration of pedophiles is used in a number of countries and consists of a series of regular chemical injections that block the effects of the male hormone testosterone.

Medvedev highlighted the importance of measures to protect children in his annual address to the nation in November 2010, saying that protecting children vital for the future of Russian society.

GORKY, May 10 (RIA Novosti)

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