Medvedev follows reborn perestroika-era Moscow paper on Twitter

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is following the newly revived perestroika-era newspaper Moskovskie Novosti on Twitter.

The daily Russian-language paper was re-released on Monday.

Moskovskie Novosti was co-founded in 1980 by the Novosti Press Agency (now RIA Novosti) and the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The paper became a symbol of glasnost in the perestroika-era, transmitting news of Gorbachev’s reforms across the globe.

The paper’s circulation dropped drastically in the early 1990s and it ceased to exist in 2008. The brand was handed to RIA Novosti for publishing in English and Arabic.

The paper is to go on sale for 15 rubles ($0.50).

MOSCOW, March 28 (RIA Novosti)

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