Medvedev Gives Nuclear Proliferation Warning

Medvedev Gives Nuclear Proliferation Warning

Published: November 7, 2012 (Issue # 1734)

MOSCOW — Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has used his speech at the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit to warn of the dangers of nuclear proliferation, demand a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and call for religious tolerance.

Speaking at the summit of the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit (ASEM) in Vientiene, Laos, Medvedev appeared to call for a tighter inspections regime and monitoring of nations that had refused to sign up to nonproliferation commitments.

The START arms reduction treaties between the United States and Russia, which were renewed in 2010, were no longer enough to ensure nuclear security, he said.

“These steps have taken us to a level where we need effort not just from the United States and Russia, but all countries with nuclear capabilities. Attention must be paid to the programs of countries that have so far refused to sign up to the nonproliferation treaty,” he said.

He also pressed for a “more serious” approach to environmental protection and backed caps on greenhouse gas emissions. “All countries have a responsibility to participate in the program to reduce emissions. And I emphasize that means all countries, otherwise the project will be useless.”

Russia has refused to sign up to a second implementation period of the Kyoto Protocol on the grounds that it is useless without U.S. participation.

He also offered to host a conference to promote inter-faith dialogue in Russia, saying that the country’s multiethnic and multi-confessional history made it perfectly placed to “find a path to harmonious building of intercivilizational dialogue.”

“It is necessary to find a platform to bring together religious leaders and structures of civil society. In this context, we are ready as a country to hold an ASEM conference on inter-religious and intercivilizational dialogue,” he said.

If it happens, the conference will be organized by UNESCO, he added.

The annual ASEM summit brings together delegates from more than 50 countries across Europe and Asia.

Medvedev was expected to fly to Vietnam later Tuesday to discuss trade deals including construction of nuclear power stations and the reopening of a Soviet-era navy base in the country.

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