Medvedev promises new version of state purchases law

GORKI (Moscow Region), May 23 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday spoke against the cancelation of federal law 94 on state purchases and promised that the document will be significantly amended.

In his November 2010 address to parliament, Medvedev criticized the current law saying inappropriate expenses during state purchases, including direct theft and kickbacks, account for no less than 1 trillion rubles ($35.1 bln) annually. The law is currently being amended.

On Monday, Medvedev met with Russian and foreign scientists who in particular complained of problems surrounding the law.

“The issue is rather complicated as the law emerged as a means to counter corruption through the use of tender procedures everywhere. However, like many other things formalized in Russia, its effect became boundless and it turned into a brake in public and scientific development,” Medvedev said.

“Even if I cancel its effect completely, the situation will not radically change. This does not mean that we should not change and improve it: it is currently undergoing coordination, and there will be a completely new version of it,” the president said.

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