Medvedev unhappy with government’s “sense of humor”

Dmitry Medvedev has slammed the government over its slow progress in creating a Russian patent court to deal with violations of intellectual property rights.

Medvedev’s idea was further developed by the Supreme Arbitration Court, but ministers rejected the plan due to its cost – an estimated $70 million.

In response, Medvedev says he will introduce the draft law into parliament himself.

“I came up with this idea not so that the government could show off its judicial sense of humor,” Medvedev said. “If they can’t introduce the draft law into parliament, I’ll do it myself. Of course, we’ll discuss how much time the creation of a patent court will take.”

The patent court is intended to deal with disputes over trademarks, and is to be vested with its own distinct jurisdiction. Appeals would be considered by Moscow district courts. One feature specific to the court would be that technical specialists would take part in all hearings.

Medvedev had ordered its administration to consider if the new court could be located at the Skolkovo innovation hub near Moscow. It was thought that it would begin working in January 2012. However, given the slow progress, this prospect seems unrealistic.

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