Military Exercise in the Russian Far East…

President Dmitry Medvedev personally inspects the East-2010 military exercise in the Russian Far East.

The supreme commander-in-chief sailed out into the Sea of Okhotsk aboard the Pyotr Veliky heavy cruiser and inspects the manoeuvres from the cruiser’s command post.

The Pyotr Veliky sailed out into sea to the area of the exercise at a speed of 20 knots. It is followed by the Moskva cruiser and the big anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs. Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov is inspecting the exercise together with Medvedev.

The president saw how two Ka-27 helicopters dropped into sea hydro-acoustical buoys to search for “enemy” submarines. Then, anti-submarine helicopters spotted an “enemy” diesel submarine, and anti-submarine forces used their weapons. The ships attacked the submarine, using deep bombs. The task has been fulfilled.

Tu-142MZ planes of anti-submarine aviation of the fleet, designed to destroy “enemy” submarines at considerable distances, flew directly above the Pyotr Veliky.

Medvedev is inspecting the exercise with binoculars and listening to the explanations by Serdyukov on technical specifications of the ships and planes. Incidentally, the weather in the area of the exercise is constantly changing, and a thick fog periodically sets down.

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