Moscow female jury to chose ‘best fiance’ among Russian guys

A jury consisting of female Muscovites will choose on Friday Russia’s “best fiance” among 10 men representing different regions of the country, the administration of one of Moscow’s districts said.

“Ten young, handsome and intellectual guys from various Russian regions will compete in Moscow for the title of best guy and fiance,” the administration’s press service said in a statement.

Friday’s event will be the final stage of a national contest organized by the Moscow-based Association of Fellow-Countrymen. The ten men, who were selected among 200 participants aged between 18 and 27, represent eight Russian regions, the statement said.

On Friday, the ten finalists will have to demonstrate their marksmanship, coordination, hardiness and dexterity skills to the female jury, it said. For example, the men will be required to lift a dumbbell at least 10 times with one hand, ride a scooter through an obstacle course, throw darts at a target and shoot hoops.

They will also be asked to show how they can dance, deliver speeches and how well they know Moscow.

“The most sporty, elegant and house-hubby intellectual will be selected,” the statement said.

Netbooks, iPads and e-books are among the prizes to be awarded to the winners.

MOSCOW, March 23 (RIA Novosti)

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