Moscow police evacuate hundreds due to suspicious car

Moscow police have evacuated hundreds of people and shut down traffic near Yaroslavsky station due to a suspicious car.

The abandoned car attracted police attention earlier on Thursday. They evacuated people and called rescuers and fire and ambulance crews.

The sappers used a special robot sapper to scan the car. Some reports said the car contained a jar with saltpeter and aluminum powder – together the two elements form a pyrotechnic mixture. However the operation did not reveal any explosive device in the car.

On Wednesday night three blasts rocked Makhachkala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan in southern Russia, killing five and injuring 60. Two of the bombs were placed in cars.

Yaroslavsky is one of the busiest stations in Moscow. It stands wall-to-wall with another major station, Leningradsky, and just across the square from Kazansky Station. The three stations comprise the busiest transport hub in the Russian capital.

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