Moscow police is alert and ready for all emergencies

The Russian Federal Security Service is on high alert prior to the suicide bombing anniversary, checking on a tip that two women might be preparing new terrorist acts in Moscow.

­Since early morning on Monday, the police have been police conducting special operation “Screen”, placing reinforced patrols in every station of the Moscow metro and being extremely strict with passport control to prevent any emergency situation that might happen on the eve of the double suicide bombing anniversary.

Meanwhile, police are following up on the information and searching for two women who supposedly came to Moscow to recreate last year’s tragic events. Moscow police received their photographs and names from the Republic of Dagestan’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

Both women are natives of Dagestan who are currently on the wanted list of the local FSB suspects prepared for suicide bombing acts, Interfax news agency reports. Dagestan officials claim there is possibility they have already left the republic and are headed to Moscow.

Moscow’s FSB increased its presence not only in the metro, but in busy public places above the ground as well.

On Tuesday, crowds of people are expected to gather at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury Metro stations to commemorate the victims killed by last year’s blasts.

­Last year’s bombings

­Two explosions, carried out by suicide bombers, rocked the Moscow Metro on March 29, 2010 leaving 40 people dead and many more injured.

The explosions happened during rush hour at two busy interchange stations in the very center of Moscow.

The first explosion happened in a carriage at the central Lubyanka station at around 8 am. The second blast happened just half an hour later at the Park Kultury station.

These two were not the only examples of barbaric acts of aggression, Moscow has a sad history of blasts over the years.

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