Moscow Protester Sent for Psychiatric Checkup

A man detained in Moscow’s Red Square while wearing a mock car siren on his head has been sent to a psychiatric hospital for “a checkup,” police said on Monday.

The man, dressed in rags and wearing a red car siren apparently in mimickry of the flashing lights which allow businessmen and state officials to bypass traffic rules, was “waving his arms around” and behaved “uncontrollably,” a police spokesman told RIA Novosti.

Police also held about 30 activists of the oppositon Solidarity movement wearing white ribbons, the symbol of Russia’s protest movement, near Red Square to prevent them from attempting to hold an unsanctioned rally.

The group said its activists were just out for a stroll.

Also on Sunday, a dozen protesters were detained in St. Petersburg as they tried to march down the city’s Nevsky Avenue following an authorized demonstration.


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