Moscow Restaurant Spending Soars Over Decade – Official

MOSCOW, May 23 (RIA Novosti) – Muscovites have increased their spending on food in cafes and restaurants more than sixfold over the past decade, and spending on dining out in the Russian capital is expected to grow even more rapidly in the future, a Moscow government official said on Thursday.

“Over the past decade, the proportion of expenditure that Muscovites devote to eating out has risen more than sixfold. Analysts predict that spending will be at least another 10 times bigger by 2025,” said Alexei Nemeryuk, head of the Moscow government’s trade and services department.

The level of actual spending on dining out is nearly 30 times bigger than 10 years ago, according to Moscow government figures.

About 30 percent of Moscow residents regularly visit cafes and restaurants, analysts say. Muscovites’ spending on eating out could rise to over 16,000 rubles ($516) per person per year by 2016 and over 27,000 rubles ($870) per year by 2025, twice current levels.

The quality of food and services at Moscow eateries varies, and there is something “for every taste and budget,” Nemeryuk said. He added that there are eateries in the Russian capital where visitors have to wait for 5-7 minutes before they are served, which he said was inadmissible.


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