Moscow, St Pete’s high-paid

31/7 Tass 186a

MOSCOW, July 31 (Itar-Tass) —— Wages of workers at industrial enterprises in the regions are higher than in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Yandex-Job reports following its research.

“Highest wages are promised to those employed in the raw materials sector and in IT,” analysts say. At the same time, wages for workers are higher if employed outside the centre.

“For example, in Siberia and in the Far East, vacancies for qualified workers are ranked second in wages.”

Moscow and the Far East are the two regions where science and education are not in the end of the list of wages.

“All other region’s vacancies of teachers are in the very end of the list, as they are paid less or almost as much as waiters, a least paid job,” the research says.

Analysts report that practically all specialists in Moscow and St. Petersburg may expect much higher salaries than their colleagues in Russia’s other regions.

The biggest amount of vacancies is registered in the sphere of sales and trade – over a quarter of all those listed. Those vacancies are followed by employment at transport, Yandex.Job reports. Most popular vacancy searches are for accountants, engineers, and managers.

“The highest competition is among candidates for a job of driver, and the lowest – for a manager,” the research says. One driver vacancy receives by 12 times more search requests than one vacancy of manager.

Yandex.Job is a service, which collects job offers from over a hundred Internet sites.

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