Moscow to host international festival of family values.

7/7 Tass 20

MOSCOW, July 7 (Itar-Tass) —— The international festival for family values, called For Life, will feature on Thursday about 300 participants from over 80 regions of Russia, as well as from Ukraine and Belarus.

The three-day forum is supervised by Russia’s Orthodox Church.

Participants in the event will discuss chances of opening new Centres for maternity protection.

“Nowadays, we have about 30 structures involved in psychological and material assistance to pregnant women and young mothers; we plan to open about the same number more,” the festival’s president, Sergei Chesnokov, said on the eve of the event.

The forum will feature large-scale Russian programmes on placement of social advertising and on specialised consultations for the youth.

“Revival of a normal family, revival of traditional family values are major objectives of the forum,” he said.

As all participants in the forum are young people, the organisers have included a concert programme with artists from Russia and Belarus.

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