Moscow Wants Magic Shop Renamed After Church Complains

MOSCOW, June 4 (RIA Novosti) – The Moscow authorities have suggested a magic shop near the Kremlin be renamed after complaints from Orthodox Christian believers, the coordinator of the Orthodox Brotherhood Union said on Tuesday.

The Witch’s Happiness shop, which sells magic and esoteric items, including souvenirs, jewelry, amulets, magic candles and self-improvement literature, is located downtown on Maroseyka Street near the Kitai Gorod metro station.

“I believe that such a shop should not be located in downtown Moscow and next to the mayor’s office near the Kremlin,” coordinator Yury Ageschev said, adding he had asked the Moscow mayor to close the shop but had only received a formal acknowledgment of his request. He has also written to President Putin but has not yet received a reply, he added.

“Let them [shop] promulgate their ‘views’ anywhere but in Russia, and especially not near the Moscow Kremlin walls,” media reports quoted Ageschev as saying.


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