MSM Focuses on Royal Fairy Tale

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrapped up their US jaunt by visiting poor children and unemployed veterans. The media, however, focused on the least serious issues surrounding the visit, such as Kate’s wardrobe.

Television news stations went all-out to cover every single step the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took while in Southern California. On the final day of the Royal Couple’s visit, the media descended on Skid Row, where the neighborhood’s homeless couldn’t be less excited about what Kate is wearing.

“She out to go back and stay over there. She’s got no business in America,” says Carlos Chavarria, a homeless veteran.

Perhaps excited is not the best way to describe the event.

Chavarria is disgusted with the media frenzy surrounding the Royal newlyweds visiting the poverty stricken area.

“They should be reporting on the homeless and doing something for them,” adds Chavirria.

Some of the Royal spectators have traveled hundreds of miles for a chance at seeing Will and Kate on Skid Row. It is a neighborhood where many of the spectators would usually never step foot in.

To wrap up their trip, the Royal couple visited with poor children and unemployed veterans in one of Los Angeles’ most desperate and disadvantaged areas. But it has been the more glamorous part of Will and Kate’s visit that has served as a distraction from all the hard to swallow stories, like the ongoing debt ceiling talks, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the foreclosure crisis and, of course, the salacious Casey Anthony trial.

“I think the Royal visit is another example of the corporate media essentially using the opportunity for a ratings war,” says Ben Cohen, editor of The Daily Banter.

“They’re going to focus on all the things that are going to cause ratings. What Kate is wearing? Who made her dress?

It is estimated more than 50,000 people are without a home or meal each night in Los Angeles County. Many of those are homeless veterans like Chavarri, who have a tough time talking about the obvious attention on Skid Row. Perhaps, after the dust settles and Will and Kate say their goodbyes, the mainstream media and paparazzi will stick around to see the realities of life.

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