Muscovites invited to give feedback on local utility service

Moscow residents are being asked to evaluate the quality of the municipal services in their districts.

Every month, the authorities will ask residents how happy they are with schools, hospitals and general maintenance.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that opinions on the quality of services differ from one district to another.

He also said that most Muscovites do not know who the head of their district is and that this needs to change.

City Hall will use new monthly evaluations to pay out bonuses to the heads of successful districts.

The idea has recently become hugely popular in Russia. The country’s MPs are now debating whether to introduce performance-related pay for top officials.

Under the amendment, specific targets relating to pay will be stated in contracts, so officials will only receive their full salaries if they meet all their targets. Their salaries will also consist of a fixed part, a rank-related part and a part depending on the amount of classified data they handle.

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