NATO will not conduct military operations against Syria

MOSCOW, August 31 (Itar-Tass) —— NATO would not conduct military operations against Syria, Russia’s permanent representative at the alliance, Dmitry Rogozin, said on Tuesday.

“Today NATO is becoming a world policeman, which uses any UN Security Council resolutions, adjusting them to fit its own interests, and ignoring the interests of the peoples on whose behalf it claims to be acting,” Rogozin said in an interview on the Russia Today television news channel. “NATO, perhaps, deliberately demonstrates its contempt of the UN Security Council, showing that NATO today is equivalent to the UN,” he stressed.

Rogozin also speculated that the purpose of the military operation in Libya by the West is to seize control of natural resources.

“I believe that under the pretext of stabilizing the post-conflict situation in Libya, some western countries will try to create a permanent military presence there, the purpose of which will be control of Libya’s oil reserves,” he said about the current situation in that country. “The twenty-first century has long manifested itself as a century of wars for resources, which have been shrinking,” Rogozin said. “The level of consumption in the Western countries is not going to decline, the West does not want to sacrifice its standard of living.”

“So the war for resources will be spreading to new regions,” said Russia’s permanent representative at NATO.

However, according to Rogozin, NATO is unlikely to start a military operation against Syria. “With respect to Syria, I think, after all, there will be no military action by the West for the simple reason any action against a country like Syria will inevitably affect the security of Israel. I think that Israel has already been taking all conceivable steps with the aim to stop insane actions against Syria.”

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