Navalny’s Arrest Appealed in Strasbourg

Supporters of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny appealed on Tuesday his 15-day arrest over last week’s street protests in Moscow in the European Court of Human Rights.

The move was announced on Twitter by lawyer Konstantin Terekhov, a member of Navalny’s anti-corruption project Rospil.

Terekhov did not say when the appeal may be reviewed, but noted that it took the Strasbourg-based court three months to react to the previous complaint by Rospil.

Navalny is seeking 7,000 euros ($9,000) in damages, Terekhov told RAPSI legal news agency.

Navalny was detained four times between May 6 and 9, a long holiday marked by street protests against the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin, which turned violent on the first day, triggering a backlash from riot police in the days to follow.

He got away with a small fine during the first arrests, but was eventually put behind bars for disobeying police.

Navalny was denied the right to fair trial because the judge refused to check a video of the activist’s arrest and dismissed numerous other arguments of the defense while complying with the prosecution, Terekhov told RAPSI.


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