New missile passes tests with flying colors

Test launches of Russia’s latest ballistic missile “Liner” have been successfully completed, say military experts.

The new Russian liquid-fuel Liner missile is the world’s most advanced submarine-based strategic weapon with range and payload capabilities surpassing every model deployed by any other country.

The submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) Liner can carry up to 12 low-yield MIRV nuclear warheads and has a payload/mass ratio surpassing any solid-fuel strategic missiles designed by the US, UK, France or China, the developer Makeyev State Rocket Center said in a statement.

It is very flexible in terms of what its payload can be, varying and mixing warheads of different capabilities.

Military experts say the new sea-based missile is twice as powerful as the Bulava, which is the designated armament for the advanced Borey-class submarines.

The “Liner” was first tested in secret last May.

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