No children among 8 missing in Bulgaria ship wreck

MOSCOW, July 23 (Itar-Tass) — There are no children among those who are reported missing in the wreck of the Bulgaria pleasure boat that sank on the River Volga on July 10, a spokesman for the emergencies administration in the republic of Tatarstan told Itar-Tass on Saturday.

On Friday, Vladimir Markin, the spokesman for the Russian Investigations Committee, cited updated information that there were 201 persons onboard the ship at the moment of the accident. As many as 114 people died. Eight are missing.

“Seven persons, including several children, were put on the missing list based on hot line reports. It was established later that they never boarded the ship,” the emergencies spokesman said. “Search operations are carried out in the Kuibyshevskoye dam lake, 12 islands and along 120 kilometers of the coastline. Among the eight missing people there are two men and six women.”

Search operations involve some 300 rescuers.

The Bulgaria pleasure ship, which was on a Bolgary-Kazan river voyage, sank in a storm in the Kuibyshevskoye dam lake, three kilometers away from the shore, on July 10. The ship built in Czechoslovakia in 1955 titled to the right and sank within minutes. The death toll has reached 114. According to latest information, there were 201 people aboard, some of them unregistered. Seventy-nine were rescued. Eight are still missing.

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