‘No Technical Problems’ in Superjet Crash

The Sukhoi Superjet airliner that crashed in Indonesia last month had no apparent technical problems, United Aircraft Corporation President Mikhail Pogosyan said on Thursday.

“According to the available data… there were no failures in the systems’ operation,” he said, adding that preliminary analysis of the on-board flight recorders has been completed.

Industry and Trade Minister Yury Slyusar said last week Russia will simulate the Superjet’s flight using a similar plane and present a report on the investigation into the causes of the crash before the end of August.

The plane was on a short demonstration flight for potential buyers when it slammed into Mount Salak near Jakarta on May 9. All 45 people on board were killed.

Indonesian and Russian officials have said the aircraft experienced no technical problems up until impact, but insisted it was still premature to say if pilot error caused the crash.


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