Norway denies asylum to Gaddafi’s Ukrainian nurse

Norwegian immigration authorities have denied asylum to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s Ukrainian nurse, the Vg Nett daily reported on Tuesday.

Halyna Kolotnytska, thought to be a Gaddafi confidante, requested political asylum in Norway last week.

There has been no official confirmation or denial of the report, however, and the paper said Kolotnytska, 38, could yet be allowed to stay in Norway.

Her case may be considered by the Justice Ministry, which could allow Gaddafi’s former nurse to stay in Norway if the security services decide that she “possesses important information that is of national interest,” Vg Nett said.

According to Vg Nett sources, Kolotnytska definitely does possess such information.

Kolotnytska left Libya in February due to escalating unrest, which has since turned into a full-blown civil war. She was flown to Kiev on a Libyan defense military aircraft with 185 other Ukrainian evacuees.

Kolotnytska moved to Oslo in March to escape media attention. A leaked U.S. diplomatic cable from September 2009 described her as a “voluptuous blonde” and said Gaddafi “relied heavily” on her.

Ukrainian media reported last week that the country’s Foreign Ministry was checking the reports that Kolotnytska had left for Norway.

A Ukrainian secret police source was quoted by the Segodnya paper as saying that she could have traded inside information about Gaddafi’s whereabouts in return for being allowed into the country.

MURMANSK, May 10 (RIA Novosti)

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