Norwegian mass murder suspect had big ego – friend

The man suspected of being behind yesterday’s attacks in Norway has a big ego and easily gets irritated by those from the Middle East and Asia, Ulav Andersson, who knows Anders Behring Breivik personally, told RT.

“He has an ego, especially in relation to girls,” Andersson said. “He has a picture of himself which was rather inflated, and sometimes it would cause friction if, for example, the fairer sex would prefer other guys working with us, who would be, for example, Pakistanis.” 

According to Andersson, Breivik never came across as some kind of religious fanatic.

“I know that he was religious, but it was not like he would try to convert anyone to anything,” he said.

Andersson admitted, however, that Breivik may have been influenced by some radical religious groups, which have found fertile breeding ground in Oslo.

“If you look at central Oslo, there is every possible denomination of non-mainstream church,” he said. “Each of them is trying to get you in. Central Oslo is basically like – ‘pick your poison, which wrong way do you want to pick?’”

Andersson suggested that Breivik could have been brainwashed by a movement he joined.

Despite Breivik’s nature, Andersson said, he never could have imagined that he would be capable of committing such a crime.

“Never, ever could I have imagined that [Breivik was capable of a mass murder],” he said. “There are far more guys who are way weirder than he was.”

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