Nuclear berries on sale in Moscow

More than half a tonne of radioactive blueberries have been withdrawn from shops in Moscow.

As it turned out, the berries contain dangerous levels of Caesium-137.

The tainted produce was brought to the capital from the Tver, Vladimir and Vologda Regions.

Experts say Caesium-137 can easily accumulate in plants, foods and bodily organs. They also warn that poisoned berries taste just the same as healthy ones.

Officials say some of the berries may still be on sale, so if you are looking for some forest goodness, be sure to shop for it at a reliable place.

This is not the first time radioactive goods have ended up on the Russian market.

Back in April 2011, customs officials in Vladivostok seized a radioactive cargo of 50 cars from Japan. Their level of radiation is twice as high as normal.

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