Nurgaliev calls on commandos to observe strictly rights of citizens

SYKTYVKAR, July 21 (Itar-Tass) — Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev called on police commandos to observe strictly rights and interests of citizens.

“The new law on police demands flexible approach to ensuring law and order as well as security. In this connection, I call again your attention to the need for strict observance of legislation and inadmissibility to violate legitimate rights and interests of citizens,” said on Thursday the minister at a meeting of senior officers of police commando units in the North-Western Federal District in Syktyvkar.

According to the minister, experts substantially revamped legislation in the recent past: the ministry issued nearly 50 normative and legal acts. “We have now outlined in detail the order of using commando detachments in carrying out special measures,” the minister emphasised.

He recalled that commando units were the first among other police bodies to undergo serious changes six years ago. Changes were carried out in several directions; they continue also at the time of the large-scale reform of the Interior Ministry. “The most important thing has become improvement of legislation, regulating the order of using commando detachments,” noted Nurgaliev.

According to the minister, changes were made in the structure of administration of commando outfits. “We have set up the centralised administration of commando detachments,” the minister underlined.

“In 2009 four regional centres conducted an experiment on forming united structural subdivisions. The centre on rapid control over the operation of commando detachments now functions in the system of the Interior Ministry,” Nurgaliev said, adding that the centre is called upon “to create a vertical of administration, to pool forces and means of commando detachments and to establish cooperation with other law enforcement structures.”

Nurgaliev also noted that a decision was taken to pool special units and set up centres of special designation in five subjects of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Tatarstan, the Altai Territory, the Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk regions. We shall take a decision on pooling other detachments in the spring of 2012.

“This will depend on specific conditions in Russian regions,” the minister continued. He also noted that much attention would be given to logistical supplies of police commandos. “On a decision of President Dmitry Medvedev, the federal budget additionally appropriates 1,100 million roubles this year to consolidate logistical supplies of commandos,” Nurgaliev went on to say.

The minister specially noted that commandos face new tasks: new challenges and threats emerge in the 21st centuries, including transnational and organised crime, problems, connected with terrorism and extremism as well as trade in people. “All this needs adequate measures from our side,” Nurgaliev said, adding that “I mean here not only implementation of search or investigative operations to be conducted at a high professional level, but also ability to give a physical rebuff to law-breakers and criminal elements”.

“These tasks can be resolved only by commando detachments,” the minister said in conclusion. 

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