NZ Greenpeace activists held at Russian jail over possible piracy charges

Russia News.Net
Friday 27th September, 2013

Russian authorities are investigating possible piracy charges against two New Zealand Greenpeace activists, while they face two months jail term for protesting near a Gazprom oil platform in the Arctic Ocean.

Kiwi boat mechanic Jonathan Beauchamp and David Haussmann are among 30 other activists, who were held last week after their boat, Arctic Sunrise, was stormed by Russian authorities, reports.

Although no charges have been levied against anyone in the group, the courts have ordered 14 activists to be held in custody for two months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the activists weren’t pirates, but he defended their detention.

Greenpeace’s Executive Director Kumi Naidoo blamed the Russian authorities for trying to scare people who stood up to the oil industry. (ANI)

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