Official: Russian oil cos to up domestic gasoline supplies July

MOSCOW, Jul 27 (PRIME) — Russian oil companies are expected to increase supplies of high-octane gasoline on the domestic market by 8.5% on the year to 2.80 million tonnes in July, Dmitry Klokov, an adviser to the energy minister, said Wednesday.

The production of high-octane gasoline by Russian oil companies is planned at 2.90 million tonnes in July. The companies are to export 100,000 tonnes of high-octane gasoline in the same period.

Moreover, the ministry expects production to rise 6.0% on the year to 2.92 million tonnes in August. In September, the production of high-octane gasoline is seen to amount to 2.60 million tonnes, Klokov said without providing a year-to-year comparison.

The ministry said earlier that the production of high-octane gasoline is expected at 32.80 million tonnes in 2011 with the demand to be at 29.70 million tonnes in the same period.


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