Oil tanker derailment causes massive fuel oil spill in Siberia

Cargo train derailment in eastern Siberia has resulted in a major fuel oil spill from a tanker, Russian emergencies services said on Saturday.

The locomotive and 22 oil tanker carriages, including 14 tankers with fuel oil, derailed in the Irkutsk Region on Friday night, the emergencies services said.

“The oil product spilled from a tanker of 5-6 cubic meters on an area of 800 square meters,” the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.

The chief spokesman for the East Siberian Railway, Yevgeny Khokhryakov, said earlier that the train was not carrying any dangerous cargo and that no spill had taken place.

Railway workers have raised carriages and have started to restore the damaged tracks, the Russian Railways monopoly said on Saturday.

At least ten passenger trains have been delayed due to the accident.

MOSCOW, May 28 (RIA Novosti)

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