One dead, 60 injured in 127-car road crash in UAE

Reckless driving in heavy fog has caused a 127-car pile-up in the United Arab Emirates, leaving one person dead and more than 60 injured, the WAM news agency said.

The accident occurred Saturday on a major thoroughfare connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi when a speeding driver failed to slow down in a fog and rear-ended several vehicles travelling in the same direction, WAM said citing local police.

The ensuing chain of accidents involved a total of 127 cars and created a 500-meter pile-up, choking traffic for several hours.

Several of the wrecked vehicles caught fire, and rescue workers had to use cutting tools to get to some victims stranded in their cars.

The Dubai-Abu Dhabi motorway, which passes through a desert, is notorious for heavy fogs this time of the year.

A similar accident on the same road in March 2008 involved 60 cars and killed three people, leaving over 300 people injured.


DUBAI, April 3 (RIA Novosti)

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