Opposition outdoes United Russia’s spending power

One of the smallest parties running in December’s Duma election seems to be the richest.

Outsider “Right Cause,” it emerges, has far greater funds set aside for electioneering purposes than even United Russia. The party has on its account all of $10 million, while United Russia is left with only $7 million.

Right Cause leaders say they need the greater funds just to raise enough signatures to take part in the election.

Almost the same amount is available to the Liberal Democratic Party, with all of the money consisting of voluntary donations. The party’s leaders, however, insist that it is too early to say who is the richest as United Russia will probably have more funds allocated in the meantime.

As for other participants, Yabloko’s account has $2 million, while the Communist Party managed to gather only $500,000.

The revelation comes as a poll finds that Russia’s ruling party could well lose its constitutional majority in the upcoming vote.

The Fair Russia party so far has no funds in its account as its leadership believes that the party’s money should be kept far from its elections account.

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