Owner: Russia’s EuroChem to mull IPO in 2013–2014

MOSCOW, Sep 14 (PRIME) — Russian mineral fertilizer producer EuroChem plans to consider the possibility of making an initial public offering (IPO) in 20132014, Andrei Melnichenko, chairman of EuroChems board of directors and the major shareholder of the company, said Wednesday.

Melnichenko said that the company was to consider its IPO after the construction of a large potash production plant in the Volgograd Region.

EuroChem planned to complete in late September a major deal to purchase chemical assets in Europe, Melnichenko also said without elaborating.

EuroChem, or Evrokhim, is the largest mineral fertilizer producer in Russia and is one of the three largest mineral fertilizer producers in Europe. Companies owned by Melnichenko control about 95% in EuroChem.


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