Penis peppers: Erotically-shaped fruit, veggie ‘rude seeds’ grip Barcelona

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A new, saucier way to attract tourists has appeared in Barcelona, with erotically-shaped fruit and vegetable seeds now sold on the local flower stalls. Penis peppers, “vulva flowers,” and breast-shaped melons (with nipples) are currently on offer.

“People stop a lot to look at them and take photos with
a stallholder told Catalan daily La Vanguardia.

“The erotic seeds are the best-selling,” Jessica
Balastegui, who also works on one of the flower stalls, added.

The seeds cost €3-€4 a bag, with inscriptions
“Barcelona” and “La Rambla,” a famous tourist
artery in central Barcelona, making the seeds a desired souvenir.

“People coming here on stag and hen nights often buy them
because they’re funny,”
stallholder Rosa said.

She also explained that the peppers are deformed, and that’s
because they end up resembling the male genitalia – and the size
depends on the “site conditions in which they have to

“You put them in warm water three or four days, drain and
she said.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the erotically-shaped
fruit and veggie craze: some sellers don’t want to offer the
“lewd legumes.”

“Lots of schools and children walk past here. I don’t think
this is the image that we want to project to tourists or
stallholder Carolina Pallés told La Vanguardia.

The “rude seed” business started about two years ago,
but before that, the seeds were sold in tourist resorts along the
Catalan coast.

The erotically-shaped product craze is popular across the ocean,
too: recently, a phallus-shaped ice cream cone has gone on sale
in Soho, New York.

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Pompeii fresco appears to show

The ice cream is stuffed into a crunchy hook-shaped cone, and the
form is somewhat ambiguous. This J-shape allows less unwanted

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