Pet detective! Father pays private sleuth £10k to investigate daughter’s slain kitten

Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko

Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko

A British father who spent over £10,000 in an attempt to find the man who shot his daughter’s cat said he was unable to catch the culprit because police were “impotent.”

The dad, a wealthy
retired businessman, claims to have done “80 percent of the
police’s job for them
” and just wants the authorities to
knock on the criminal’s door.

Niel Tregarthen has spent six months attempting to track down the
person who shot his daughter Aylish’s cat with an air rifle in

Although gravely wounded, the 14-month-old cat, named Farah,
managed to crawl home. Tragically, she later died from internal
bleeding and septicemia, despite the vet’s best efforts, and
£3,500 worth of emergency fees.

Tregarthen, from Truro, Cornwall, hired a private detective to
investigate the shooting, after Aylish, a 24-year-old medical
student was left heartbroken.

She said: “There is no deterrent to stop people doing it
again. No one is being held to account and they are being allowed
to continue doing this.

“I have other cats, but I won’t let them out of the house in
case this happens again.”

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Her father said: “I would never advocate vigilante-style
behavior, but it is clear that society is fed up to the back
teeth with anti-social behavior, bullying and downright thuggery
that the police forces in this country [are now] either powerless
or unmotivated to investigate and prosecute.

“I understand budget cuts and I understand the difficulties
the police have doing their job. But when a job has been 80
percent done for them, all I want them to do is exercise their
right to knock on the suspect’s front door and interview him
under caution
,” he said.

He further condemned police action, calling them

“I cannot confront him because it would prejudice the police
inquiry. The police were totally impotent to do anything to help
us. Using an air rifle to shoot cats is illegal and it should be
treated as such.

“People who shoot and hurt animals will go onto hurt human
beings if they get away it – that cannot be right.”

The private investigation firm has reportedly identified four
possible suspects.

Focus Investigations, which led the inquiry, said the person
responsible had an “obvious sociopathic nature.

“We found a witness who claimed that he had witnessed our
main suspect shooting another cat and who stated that he was
willing to give a statement to this effect,”
they said.

The police, however, said Tregarthen’s investigation had produced
only speculation. Neighborhood beat manager Steve Parsons said
the crime had been investigated.

We investigated this crime fully. I have examined Mr
Tregarthen’s report and it is packed with rumor and speculation,
not evidence,
” he said.

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