Policeman threatens to murder if sacked

Police has fired a road policeman who said he would turn to violent crime if he lost his job.

He was filmed by a blogger refusing to show his ID. When challenged, the policeman said he would “slaughter, murder and rob” if he was sacked for misconduct.

The blogger was stopped in the east of Moscow for pulling into the wrong lane. He says the road signs were unclear, and many drivers make the same mistake.

The man says instead of putting up better signs, road policemen use it as an opportunity to fine drivers.

Despite recent reform thought to have altered the image of Russian police, the behavior of the body’s employees is again and again causing scandals.

As it recently surfaced, several high-ranking cops have swindled bonuses for themselves by solving “crimes” that never actually happened. These include several fake murders.

Another police officer is now being investigated after allegedly trying to take a pregnant woman’s driving license after she failed to make way for his car.

Back in April 2011, a policeman attacked a journalist and news editor at one of Russia’s top TV channels.

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