Politkovskaya case may shed light on other crimes

Testimony from the people involved in or related to the Anna Politkovskaya murder case may shed light on a number of other high-profile crimes of recent years, Novaya Gazeta newspaper editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov said.

Politkovskaya, well-known for her investigative journalism into human rights violations in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, was shot dead in her apartment block in Moscow on October 7, 2006. Investigators say she was killed because of her journalistic activities. Politkovskaya worked for Novaya Gazeta.

Speaking at a multimedia round table on Politkovskaya’s murder, organized by RIA Novosti, Muratov said his words could also relate to Forbes Russia editor Paul Klebnikov’s murder in 2004.

“This is my personal opinion. But I would like to recall that Klebnikov’s murder was investigated by the same investigator who is probing Anna Politkovskaya’s murder now,” Muratov said.

Politkovskaya’s suspected killer Rustam Makhmudov was detained in Chechnya in May 2011. In late August, police also detained former police colonel Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov on charges of organizing the murder.

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