Post-Communist Russia and China remain remarkably the same

Thursday 21st March, 2013

For a Russian to live in Beijing is to experience time travel. Things long gone in Russia, or stuffed into kitschy theme bars to draw tourists, still appear in China with no sense of irony. There are endless displays of hammer-and-sickles, Red stars, and exhortations to Obey the Communist Party. Theres the rhetorical deification of the worker and the peasant. Public-security volunteers, elderly men and women with red arm-bands and a lot of time on their hands, lounge on little folding stools, sizing up passers-by. There are five-year plans, and front-page headlines screaming Socialist path reaffirmed. I thought I left all of this in the 1980s Leningrad. But no, its all still here in Beijing, instantly recognizable even behind Chinese characters that give it a new spin. All of which makes it tempting to think how Russia and China have changed over the last 20 years. …

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