Pregnant driver fined for not giving way to state convoy

A pregnant driver who refused to give way to traffic police has been fined but allowed to retain her license.

Camera footage of the incident involving an abusive cop went viral and caused a furor online.

The woman was pulled over on Kutuzovsky Prospect. She says she explained to the officer that she had been unable to make way for the government car because the other lanes were blocked.

In response, the officer insulted her; the woman’s husband claims the policeman threatened him with a gun after he enquired about the officer’s name.

A judge has ruled she has to pay a 500-ruble fine, but will not lose her right to drive.

In court the woman retracted an earlier allegation that the officer who stopped her had threatened her with a gun.

This is not the first case involving Russian policemen’s dubious behavior toward women. This past April, a policeman attacked a journalist and news editor at one of Russia’s top TV channels, Natalya Seybil.

Seybil claimed the policeman tried to flirt with her, but after she rejected his advances, he jumped out of the car, grabbed her hair and punched her in the face.

This comes months after a wide reform of Russian law enforcement that included a thorough rebranding. In doing so, the authorities hope that the new police force will behave differently.

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