Pres aide wants lower insur prem rate imposed on high salaries

MOSCOW, Jul 28 (PRIME) — Russian presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich said that he would prefer lower than projected insurance premium rate for tax payers with an annual income exceeding 512,000 rubles to be introduced by the Russian government from 2012, RIA Novosti reported Thursday.

The Finance Ministry had earlier suggested charging insurance premiums on annual personal incomes exceeding 512,000 rubles at a 10% rate for all companies and a 7% rate for all small-sized businesses operating in the production and social sectors from 2012. The suggestion was approved by the government and submitted to the Kremlin for consideration.

Dvorkovich said that while he backs up the idea, he is against the 10% rate. He added that the rate should be no more than 6% and for small-sized businesses at 2%, though he would prefer to see a 2% flat rate for all.

Specifically, the government earlier approved lowering insurance premium rates from 2012. For annual salaries below 512,000 rubles, the insurance premiums rates are to be cut to 30% from the current 34% for all companies and to 20% from 26% for small companies.

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