Pridnestrovie receives 100 mln rbls from Russia

TIRASPOL, September 1 (Itar-Tass) — The Pridnestrovian (Trans-Dniester) Moldovan Republic (PMR) has received the first tranche of RUR 100 million provided by Russia in support of small businesses in the republic.

Anatoly Kaminsky, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the non-recognized republic, said Thursday, “These resources must be distributed most effectively, for the receipt of subsequent tranches of technical assistance from Russia will depend on that”.

In all, 300 million rubles are expected to be provided by Russia. The implementation of the RF humanitarian project in support of the PMR was started in 2007 after MPs from the Pridnestrovie party Renewal appealed to the State Duma.

In 2010, the financing of the project was suspended because of information about possible tricks with resources coming from Russia. However, financing was resumed after Pridnestrovie authorities confirmed the lack of abuses in the use of the humanitarian assistance resources.

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