Putin nominated as presidential candidate, vows to seek social justice

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who accepted on Sunday his ruling United Party nomination as its candidate in next year’s election pledged to solve the problem of social inequality and seek justice.

“It is not the first time that Russia has set noble goals and achieved successes, uniting around particular values. These values are the truth, dignity and justice,” Putin said at the United Party congress in the Luzhniki sports arena after accepting his nomination as the party’s candidate in the presidential elections next year.

The presidential election campaign officially started in Russia on Saturday, with the polls scheduled to take place on March 4, 2012.

In mid-October, Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev announced their plans to swap jobs after the presidential elections. Medvedev, who will lead United Russia in parliamentary polls on December 4, is expected to become Russia’s new prime minister after his presidential term expires.

Putin said it was necessary to respect the dignity of any person, seek the truth and do away with any injustice.

“Today it is obvious that Russian citizens and society want the authorities to ensure justice. Every decision and every step must meet the interests of the absolute majority,” he said.

Putin also said that taxes in Russia should be diversified and proposed introducing a wealth tax.

“Taxes for common citizens should not be burdensome while luxury and overconsumption should be taxed at a higher rate. This is an obvious fact,” he said.

Putin also described as futile the attempts by some foreign citizens to influence the results of parliamentary and presidential elections in Russia and advised them to spend money on external debt repayments by the countries of their residence.

“Representatives of certain foreign states are gathering those whom they are paying money, the so-called grant recipients, instructing them, advising them to do corresponding work with the final goal of influencing the course of the election campaign in our country. That is useless,” he said.

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