Putin Signs Decree to Reinstate Hero of Labor Award

MOSCOW, March 30 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on Friday night ordering to reinstate a Soviet-era award and call it Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation.

“To establish the title of the Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation for awarding it citizens of Russia for outstanding labor achievements on behalf of the country and people, connected with attainments of exceptional results in the state, public and economic activities, aimed at providing wealth and prosperity of Russia,” the decree said.

Earlier on Friday, Putin said at a meeting with staffers of the All-Russia People’s Front, who successfully campaigned for his re-election for a third term, that the award of the ‘Hero of Socialist Labor’ in the Soviet Union “was justified.”

The award, established under the rule of Josef Stalin, was widely used to praise civilian workers for their labor achievements and to boost output.

The initiative to resurrect the title was voiced during a previous meeting of the People’s Front with Putin in December.


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