Putin sums up results of government work

Despite the global economic crisis, the Russian government has fulfilled all its obligations, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has stated.

The president-elect said the Russian leadership could have used the economic difficulties following the crisis of 2008 as an excuse to do nothing, “like other countries did.” But it would have been wrong, from political, social and economic points of view, he stressed.

The world economic recession has become a huge challenge, and if Russia did not respond to it appropriately “the economy and social sphere would have collapsed and the country’s sovereignty and geopolitical independence would have been in question”. In that case, Russia would have to “bury” the ideas of development and modernization for a long while.

“But we didn’t give in. We have proved ourselves to be a mature, creative and self-confident nation with a huge inner life force,” Putin said.

The key achievement, he believes, is that Russia managed to stabilize and increase the population, which has reached over 143 million in 2011.

“We didn’t allow the crisis to strike out the positive demographics,” Putin pointed out.

Putin is presenting his annual report on the government in 2011 to the lower house, the State Duma.It is his fourth report to the parliament since 2009 when such addresses became law and is the last one before his inauguration as president in May.

Vladimir Putin vowed to outline “road maps” for all his election campaign initiatives in the very first decree he plans to issue when he returns to the Kremlin.He stressed that it is crucial to focus on issues of strategic importance, such as demographics, the development of Russia’s Eastern territories, building a new economy and strengthening Russia’s global position.

After the Premier delivers his speech, each of the four political parties represented in the State Duma will ask him three questions.

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