Putin urges prompt completion of 2011 state defense order

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered on Tuesday to complete promptly the remaining 30% of contracts under the 2011 state arms procurement program.

“According to the information that I have, there are still no contracts for over 30% of the total volume of the state defense order,” Putin said.

“I ask to submit the report [on the completion of contracts] with the government by August 31,” he said.

The Russian premier said that primary attention should be paid to military hardware with a long-term production.

“This goes for missile and space technologies, aviation, naval equipment, which all form a perspective outlook of the Army and Navy,” Putin said.

Russia’s new 2011-2020 arms procurement program stipulates the upgrade of up to 11% of military equipment annually and will allow the country to increase its modern weaponry to 70% by 2020.

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