Putin’s People’s Front gains popularity

The All-Russia People’s Front, backed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is gaining popularity with almost 150 organizations planning to join.

Putin called for the creation of the All-Russia People’s Front at a conference of the ruling United Russia party in early May to broaden the party’s electoral base with “non-party people,” including trade unions, NGOs, business associations and youth groups. He followed that up days later by meeting with business, labor and civic leaders at his official Novo-Ogaryovo residence.

“I’m pleased with this because it really permits us to reach the purpose I had previously set while outlining my initiative. Mainly, to attract new people with fresh ideas through means of the United Russia party,” Putin said, adding that he was satisfied how the organization had attracted its members.

On Thursday, Vyacheslav Volodin, Putin’s chief of staff, was appointed acting head of the People’s Front.

Analysts see the formation of the All-Russia People’s Front as a sign that Putin is soliciting popular support ahead of parliamentary elections in December and presidential polls early next year.

NOVO-OGAREVO, May 27 (RIA Novosti)

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